Has your loved one been injured in a nursing home?

At Morgan & Barbary, we’re your Melbourne FL personal injury attorney resource dedicated to taking care of you and your family after a case of injury or neglect. And while the decision to place a loved one in a long-term care facility is difficult on its own, the decision for how to proceed when your loved one has been injured is just as challenging.

As in any medical setting, nursing home owners and employees have a duty to enact “reasonable care” with all patients at all times. If your loved one has been injured due to a nursing home employees’ neglect, the nursing home owners can be held responsible in court. Negligence claims can take many forms but often arise from the following circumstances:

  • employees fail to properly care for their residents or supervise resident activities
  • managers hire unqualified employees
  • the premises, facilities, or equipment at the nursing home are poorly or improperly maintained.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the fault of a nursing home or its employees, contact our office today. Contact our Melbourne, Florida injury lawyers to discuss your rights: 321-951-3400.

Parenting Plans at Morgan & Barbary

If you’re facing a family law situation like separation, divorce, or child custody, your team of Melbourne FL attorneys at Morgan & Barbary can help. What was once known as a custody agreement is now called a “parenting plan,” and Florida courts require the adoption of a Parenting Plan for all divorce and paternity cases involving children.

A Parenting Plan governs the relationship between all parties relating to decisions that must be made regarding children’s issues, including time-sharing schedules for parents; child support; cost sharing of items such as insurance, child care, and extracurricular activities; religious decisions; and all the other issues that parents must deal with when raising a child. The plan is designed to give the separating parents a blueprint of how they will interact with their child, and define who is responsible for what, and when.

At Morgan & Barbary, we advocate for you to resolve all issues in the Parenting Plan in your favor. We work amenably when possible and also litigate when necessary. If you’re facing the task of preparing a Parenting Plan, contact us today for your free consultation.

Dog bite? Call Morgan & Barbary

At Morgan & Barbary, we’re your Melbourne FL attorneys dedicated to providing you with legal representation no matter what kind of legal problem you face. One area of our practice where we’ve found increasing interest is representing dog owners against lawsuits related to dog bites or accident claims.

Liability for dog-related injuries is governed by Florida Statute § 767.04, which provides that the owner of a dog is liable for the injuries caused by that dog to any person or persons in a public place or to persons lawfully within a private place (like your home, yard or car). This means that you’re not liable if someone comes onto your property without permission and the dog bites. You’re responsible when your dog runs into the street and causes an accident, when your dog causes damage to someone’s property, and when your dog causes or exacerbates an injury.

As your Melbourne attorneys, Morgan & Barbary is prepared to protect you with defenses claiming the injured person provoked your dog into aggressive action; your “bad dog” sign; or that the complainant was trespassing on your property when the bite occurred. If you’re embroiled in a dog bite situation, call the team at Morgan & Barbary today.


Help for Brevard’s visitors

At Morgan & Barbary, we often see clients who came to Brevard county to enjoy spring break or a quick beach getaway only to find themselves facing a legal problem. We’re happy to help protect the rights and records of our tourists by providing legal counsel to deal with the effects of an arrest.

In many cases, we have been able to handle all legal correspondence and communication without requiring visitors to return to Brevard county for a court appearance. Our goal is to help you remember the best parts of your time on the space coast and help put the negative parts behind you. We work to have charges dropped, dismissed, sealed, or expunged so that you’re able to move forward without a tarnished record.

If you were got in a legal problem while visiting Brevard county, contact your team of attorneys at Morgan & Barbary today. We’ll help solve your legal problem until you’re able to return to our beautiful coast for your next blissful beach vacation!

Auto accident? We can help!

At Morgan & Barbary, we’re your Melbourne FL law firm equipped to handle legal problems of many kinds. As a comprehensive firm, our team is experienced in all aspects of Florida law. One of the more common types of cases is the automobile accident.

Auto accidents can involve multiple claims and several representatives for different insurance companies. The insurance company attorneys are interested in saving their employers money rather than providing you with the fairest compensation and coverage. Morgan & Barbary trial attorney Clay Morgan is dedicated to helping clients receive adequate compensation following an auto accident. From property damage claims to medical treatment claims, from bodily injury damage uninsured motorist benefits, your team at Morgan & Barbary will advocate for you.

There may be additional policies of insurance available to protect you in the form of health insurance coverage, excess personal coverage over the standard automobile coverage and commercial insurance policies, as well as personal claims against the at-fault party for damages over and above their insurance coverage limits or against them personally if they failed to have the statutorily required insurance under Florida law. Don’t try to face the insurance giants alone. If you’ve suffered in an auto accident, contact our team of attorneys today to receive your highest compensation.