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Auto accident? We can help!

At Morgan & Barbary, we’re your Melbourne FL law firm equipped to handle legal problems of many kinds. As a comprehensive firm, our team is experienced in all aspects of Florida law. One of the more common types of cases is the automobile accident.

Auto accidents can involve multiple claims and several representatives for different insurance companies. The insurance company attorneys are interested in saving their employers money rather than providing you with the fairest compensation and coverage. Morgan & Barbary trial attorney Clay Morgan is dedicated to helping clients receive adequate compensation following an auto accident. From property damage claims to medical treatment claims, from bodily injury damage uninsured motorist benefits, your team at Morgan & Barbary will advocate for you.

There may be additional policies of insurance available to protect you in the form of health insurance coverage, excess personal coverage over the standard automobile coverage and commercial insurance policies, as well as personal claims against the at-fault party for damages over and above their insurance coverage limits or against them personally if they failed to have the statutorily required insurance under Florida law. Don’t try to face the insurance giants alone. If you’ve suffered in an auto accident, contact our team of attorneys today to receive your highest compensation.