Internet Crime

Child pornography, cyber-stalking, spoofing, hacking, software piracy, Internet fraud, illegal file sharing; cyber-crimes come in many forms. As the Internet is making our life easier in many ways, and as more and more people are using the Internet, crime associated with its use has much increased in recent years. Since Internet crimes usually involve people from many different geographic venues, law enforcement has developed methods to ease the difficult task of catching the guilty parties.

There is no substitute for knowledgeable representation.

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As a result of the terrorist attack against us in September 11, 2001, a date we will never forget, our liberties have been dwindling. Many legislative acts, administrative decisions, and executive orders — some we know of, and many we do not — continue to be passed to allegedly maintain and assure our safety, they say.

Without sounding alarmist, people should know that as an educated guess that any email, any Internet publishing, any cell phone call made by anyone is and will remain accessible for a very long time to the government, if it needs it. So consider that YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY when it comes to any communication or posting you may believe is private when the medium of said communication is the Internet. You should also believe that YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY when you use your cell phone, as it appears that any cell phone call made is filtered through special software which searches for specific words. If a specific word is captured, a flag is raised, your call is intercepted, and the record of that call is attached to your phone — and therefore to you, so you must have caution in everything that you say or send through your phone.

Finally, today, every computer and every Internet access has its own very unique signature. Keep in mind that if you provide easy access to your computer to someone who could be committing some crime, you may be the one prosecuted, and you may be in a position where you will have to prove your innocence. If this ever happens to you, before you discuss anything with law enforcement, make sure you first get a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney who has dealt with this specific issue.

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