Retail or Petty Theft

Retail theft or shoplifting can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, if the theft alleged is over $300.00.

If you are charged with any retail theft or petty theft, DO NOT appear at the arraignment and plead guilty. There is a special stigma attached to these types of cases, which will hound you for the rest of your life. And, if you later become a witness in another litigation, you may be asked if you were ever convicted of a felony. What people often do not know is that the second part of that question is usually: “… a felony OR any crime involving dishonesty or false statement?” (This includes misdemeanors.)

Experienced Defense Attorneys

Retaining legal counsel in a criminal case could be the best investment you’ll ever make, and it doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Call Morgan and Barbary’s experienced criminal defense lawyer, Darrell Sedgwick, located in Melbourne, Florida for a FREE telephone consultation: 321-951-3400. Don’t face criminal charges alone. Review our Arrest Tips and our answers to other Frequently Asked Questions.

In most cases, we can protect your record, and if this is your first criminal accusation, when the case is closed you should be able to get your record either sealed or expunged.

For the sake of your future, please consult with a defense attorney before you make a bad legal decision which is often irreversible. A consultation with a criminal defense attorney should never cost you money — ours are free and you will receive good legal advice which may positively affect you for a lifetime.

For more information on the applicable law, refer to Florida Statutes §812.015 — Which deals with retail and farm theft, transit fare evasion, mandatory fine, alternative punishment, detention and arrest, exemption from liability for false arrest, resisting arrest, and the penalties.

Call Morgan & Barbary today, our experienced criminal defense attorneys located in Melbourne, Florida are ready to help you: 321-951-3400.

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