Student & Tourist Defense

Brevard law enforcement is very proactive. At Morgan and Barbary we have helped countless tourists who were arrested while vacationing or on a business trip in Brevard County. Also, many students without any local support system attend universities like the Florida Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) and get arrested for trivial crimes.

Most of the time, these visiting folks have no criminal record, and our main goal is to keep it that way. For people who have already bonded out and left Florida, we have generally been able to resolve their case without requiring them to return to not-so-friendly Brevard.

It is a bad idea to allow students to address criminal charges alone, as it could affect them for the rest of their lives. They may miss their one opportunity to maintain a pristine criminal record. Often, we have been able to “clean up the mess” the student has created; yet it is much easier and cheaper to handle the criminal case from the beginning.

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Whatever you do, retain a criminal defense attorney from the locale where you were arrested. A local attorney will know your prosecutors, your judges, and the local courts. Besides, you’d rather pay your attorney for his legal work rather than for his driving time!

See our Arrest Tips and answers to other Frequently Asked Questions if you’ve been taken into custody.

If you have been arrested while visiting Brevard County, call Morgan & Barbary’s experienced criminal defense lawyers for a FREE consultation and get your questions answered: 321-951-3400. A little free advice goes a long way.

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