Nursing Home Injuries

A nursing home, its owners, and its employees have a duty to exercise reasonable care to protect nursing home residents from being injured or otherwise harmed. When nursing home residents are injured due to the negligence of nursing home employees, nursing home operators can be held liable for those injuries. Negligence claims may arise when nursing home employees fail to properly supervise and care for their residents, when nursing home managers negligently hire or retain unqualified employees, or when the premises, facilities, or equipment at the nursing home are poorly or improperly maintained.

You should be fully compensated for the injuries you suffer in an accident.

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Usually, nursing homes enter into contracts with its residents. Those contracts define what services the nursing home will provide and the cost of those services. If a resident is injured or harmed because the nursing home fails to provide the care it promised in its contract, a resident can bring a claim or file a lawsuit based on the nursing home’s breach of their contract with the resident.

Florida laws include statutes and regulations that establish certain minimum standards of care for nursing homes, and other statutes, which establish rights for nursing home residents. If a nursing home resident is injured, harmed, or suffers damages because the nursing home violates his or her statutory rights, the resident can pursue a claim or lawsuit for violation of those rights.

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