Trucking Accidents

Because tractor-trailer rigs and other commercial vehicles are so much heavier than passenger cars, crashes involving those vehicles can cause horrendous damage, severe injuries, and frequently, death. Statistics show that a crash between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle is much more likely to cause death than a crash between two passenger vehicles. If you are injured, or if a family member dies due to a crash with a commercial vehicle, you need experienced attorneys to investigate your case and to make sure you receive full compensation from all persons and all businesses who can be held legally responsible.

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The pursuit of a claim when dealing with commercial vehicles can be very difficult. Many times, the driver of a tractor-trailer rig is an employee of a company that would certainly be responsible for his actions. But all too often the truck driver is an independent contractor, who owns or works for a separate company that is owned by a series of corporations all of which may have taken steps through just such an ownership structure to limit their liability. Sometimes the truck is owned by one company, the trailer is owned by a different company, and the driver is employed by a third company, all of which makes the tracing of liability an endless shell game meant to discourage claims and minimize the owners’ liability. Don’t let this discourage you. While Florida’s laws on determining who is legally responsible for your injuries can seem complex, a careless driver and those who employ the driver will always be responsible for injuries he causes.

Because commercial vehicles can cause so much damage in a crash, Florida laws require commercial vehicle owners to maintain relatively high levels of insurance on each truck. On top of that coverage, the truck owner may have a separate insurance policy for his business, and many times we have found excess or umbrella liability insurance which can be available to our clients.

At Morgan & Barbary, our attorneys understand how important it is that you are fully compensated for the injuries and damages you suffer in an accident. We understand how Florida’s commercial vehicle laws and insurance regulations apply to your case. We will not only represent you on your injury and property damage claims, if necessary, we will help you find qualified doctors and medical treatment that you need.

If you’ve been injured in a commercial vehicle accident, or if a family member dies in a motor vehicle accident, call us. The attorneys at Morgan & Barbary have the experience and resources to make sure you receive the maximum award you are entitled to.

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