Q: What should I do if I’m the subject of a criminal investigation?

Once a law enforcement officer believes he has enough evidence against you, he will arrest you. If he wants to “chat” with you under any pretext, it is usually to accumulate more evidence against you, or to obtain the evidence he is missing. DO NOT LET HIM!

Remember Martha Stewart and so many others? She did not end up in jail because of what she did. She ended up in jail because she talked to law enforcement. It will NEVER better your cause, and the information which you believe to be helpful can be used later by your attorney.

Are you a suspect in a criminal investigation?
Discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney prior to making decisions that will affect your future and your record forever. Contact attorneys Patrick Barbary and Darrell Sedgwick at 321-951-3400 for a FREE telephone consultation.


  • Do not talk to anyone! Keep in mind that your phone calls maybe recorded. The party accusing you may try to get you to apologize or to admit to certain things, and law enforcement will be recording these conversations.
  • If law enforcement wants to talk to you kindly refuse, and advise them that you have an attorney. Keep in mind that the police can lie to you in order to obtain the information they are seeking. If you ask law enforcement if you need an attorney, they will likely tell you that you do not. Trust me, you do!
  • Claim your 5th Amendment right to remain silent. Law enforcement may tell you that if you do so, it make it look like you are guilty. Just ignore!

In short: do not trust anyone but your attorney. Advise law enforcement that you have an attorney. Provide them kindly with your biographical information ONLY. Then claim your 5th Amendment right to remain silent… and remain completely silent. DO NOT LET LAW ENFORCEMENT MANIPULATE YOU INTO DISCUSSING ANYTHING, AS THEY WILL LIKELY TRY.

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