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Your Resource for Child Relocation Representation

As your resource for legal representation in Melbourne, Florida we provide legal assistance concerning several areas of family law. We know that family matters can become quite stressful and complex. Don’t face them without an experienced attorney by your side.

At Morgan & Barbary we are experienced in providing representation regarding child relocation. Parents can face several different circumstances which can require out of county or out of state relocation. When one parent chooses relocation to another jurisdiction, often the other parent will oppose the move because of the effect the distance may have on visitation. Should your family encounter relocation issues, there is a Florida statute regarding the issue, which will help set guidelines for both parties.

Though Florida law sets requirements and standards for parental relocation with a child, this is a very serious matter and should not be endured without the assistance of an attorney. If you are considering relocating with your child, or you object to a child relocation, contact your legal problem solvers for expert advice and representation.


Understanding Negligence Damages

As your Melbourne, Florida attorneys at Morgan & Barbary we take pride in keeping our clients informed. Should you find yourself injured as the result of someone else’s negligence you are entitled to bring a claim against the party or file a lawsuit in order to recover losses incurred due to the accident.

As an injured party, you may experience losses in several different forms. Your losses may present in the form of past and future medical expenses, past and future lost wages, lost earning ability, or pain and suffering that has resulted from the initial accident and may result in issues for the rest of your life. Before we bring a claim against the negligent party, it is important to fully understand the extent of your injuries, and the impact they will have on your quality of life and your earning capability down the road.

As your legal problem solvers in Brevard County, we look forward to helping you recover damages. Contact Morgan & Barbary for a free case evaluation today concerning your personal injury case.