After defending myself from a burglar at my home , I was facing a possible criminal history and potentially my loss of freedom . Based on recommendations from several friends and neighbors , I hired Clay Morgan & Darrell Sedgewick . Upon my first meeting with these gentleman I knew that I had made the correct choice for counsel , they explained the charges against me , all possible remedies and potential outcomes . What stood out was the sincere concern for my well being in all aspects . Once in the courtroom these gentlemen became a focused driven machine intent on a positive outcome . Watching Clay & Darrell take command of the courtroom and deliver a smooth delivery of defense was very impressive as all eyes where focused on the team. After a short jury deliberation , I had an acquittal of all charges against me. Also of special note are the assistants Debbie,Gigi ,Rose, Eveling who make every visit or phone call a wonderful experience . I will conclude this review with a quote from one of the arresting officers “you really had a great legal team on your side”. Indeed I do!

-Robert A | June 2016

I came to Morgan & Barbary when my daughter was charged with a traffic infraction.  Clay Morgan & Darrell Sedgewick met with me and assured me that they would take care of her.  They represented her in court and did an outstanding job.  We were kept informed and up to date regarding all aspects of the case.  I found them to be very professional and experienced in their work and they did an excellent job of protecting my daughter.  I would highly recommend the law firm of Morgan & Barbary to anyone seeking legal representation.”

-Jay K. | December 2015

I was referred by a friend to attorney Darrell Sedgewick of the law firm of Morgan & Barbary for a Violation of Probation charge and was very satisfied with the results he obtained.  Mr. Sedgewick and his staff were courteous and helpful and responded to all my questions and concerns.  I would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking representation on a criminal charge.”

-Tim S. | December 2015

“I highly recommend Mr. John Moore, Esq. at Morgan & Barbary, P.A. located in Melbourne, Florida.  Mr. Moore went above and beyond to assist me throughout my legal ordeal.  The level of customer service he provides should be strived by each and every single attorney across the country.

Mr. Moore was consistently polite, courteous, and informative. He promptly returned all phone calls, emails, etc; thoroughly answering any questions I may have had.  In addition at no point in time did I ever feel rushed during our conversations.  I felt like a valued client rather than “a file” on someone’s’ desk.

In conclusion, I have worked with numerous attorneys throughout the country none of which have I ever spoke so highly of.  If I ever need an attorney in Melbourne, Florida area again, I definitely will be returning.”

-LMB | October 2015

“As a first time client, I was amazed at the speed and efficiency to which the firm handled my case. The discovery, the execution and delivery in such a short time frame.  I am truly grateful and extremely satisfied with your services.”

-CHJ | December 2014

“I contacted Morgan & Barbary in order to get an Uncontested Divorce.  Not long after beginning the process, my ex-wife filed a Contested Divorce against me requesting much more than what we had agreed upon.  Since I live in Maryland and my ex-wife and children lived in Brevard County, I relied on the attorneys at Morgan & Barbary to handle everything for me, and I am glad that I did.  My ex-wife was trying to give me the smallest amount of time with our children that she could, and while we tried to be reasonable, all I ever wanted was for my kids to be able to live with me, a task that, at some points, I thought might not be possible.  My attorneys, Clay Morgan and John Moore, took the matter to trial and fought for me to have my children with me, and they won!  Now, I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with my two sons, helping them with homework, taking them to see new things, and most of all, watching them grow up.  This is something that I had missed throughout the time that the divorce had gone on, for three long years I had minimal time with them, and now I get to make up that time, and make new memories with them. I am glad that I contacted Morgan & Barbary, and that they were able to help me out in this long and hard process and to get the fantastic result that they did!”

-R. T. | October 2014

“As a resident of the state of Georgia, I was surprised when I was served with an action which had been initiated in Brevard County, Florida.  I had not been to Brevard County in years, and if the action filed against me had been successful, it would have cost me more than $25,000.00. I contacted Clay Morgan, at Morgan & Barbary, P.A. and was able to speak with Mr. Morgan over the phone regarding my issue.  Since I live in Georgia, most of my dealings with Mr. Morgan and his team were through telephone and e-mail, and I was very happy with the quick response times for both.  Mr. Morgan was able to handle everything with me only traveling to Brevard County twice throughout the case, once for a meeting when I was in town, and once for the hearing on my case.  I was thoroughly impressed with the way the team at Morgan & Barbary was able to win my case for me, ensuring that I would never need to deal with this specific issue again.  I entrusted my case with Morgan & Barbary, and could not be happier with my decision.”

-G. W. | August 2014

“Had you asked me seven years ago, in January of 2004, I would have told you that I’d probably be spending the next 15 to 20 years in prison upon the false accusation of attempted 1st degree murder. I was 20 at the time and my older sister 22 as we sat in the Brevard County jail awaiting an extreme injustice to be served.  But then our mother did one of the best things any mother could do, she retained Patrick Barbary as our lawyer.  Mr. Barbary wasted no time in filing discovery after discovery and motion after motion.  Soon, my sister and I were released from custody and we spent the next year fighting for our innocence with Mr. Barbary at our side.  When it was all said and done – without even needing to take it to trial – my sister and I plead out to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct with adjudication withheld.  It was quite a difference from the original charge.  Mr. Barbary saw to it that all court fees were waived as well as no probation.  We were ordered to a four hour anger management class and that was it, the case was closed.  My sister and I were given another chance, a chance for which we will always be, undoubtedly, grateful.”

-C.N. | Melbourne, FL

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