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At Morgan & Barbary, we’re your Melbourne FL attorneys dedicated to providing you with legal representation no matter what kind of legal problem you face. One area of our practice where we’ve found increasing interest is representing dog owners against lawsuits related to dog bites or accident claims.

Liability for dog-related injuries is governed by Florida Statute § 767.04, which provides that the owner of a dog is liable for the injuries caused by that dog to any person or persons in a public place or to persons lawfully within a private place (like your home, yard or car). This means that you’re not liable if someone comes onto your property without permission and the dog bites. You’re responsible when your dog runs into the street and causes an accident, when your dog causes damage to someone’s property, and when your dog causes or exacerbates an injury.

As your Melbourne attorneys, Morgan & Barbary is prepared to protect you with defenses claiming the injured person provoked your dog into aggressive action; your “bad dog” sign; or that the complainant was trespassing on your property when the bite occurred. If you’re embroiled in a dog bite situation, call the team at Morgan & Barbary today.