Morgan & Barbary



At Morgan & Barbary, we often see clients who came to Brevard county to enjoy spring break or a quick beach getaway only to find themselves facing a legal problem. We’re happy to help protect the rights and records of our tourists by providing legal counsel to deal with the effects of an arrest.

In many cases, we have been able to handle all legal correspondence and communication without requiring visitors to return to Brevard county for a court appearance. Our goal is to help you remember the best parts of your time on the space coast and help put the negative parts behind you. We work to have charges dropped, dismissed, sealed, or expunged so that you’re able to move forward without a tarnished record.

If you were got in a legal problem while visiting Brevard county, contact your team of attorneys at Morgan & Barbary today. We’ll help solve your legal problem until you’re able to return to our beautiful coast for your next blissful beach vacation!